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Finding Balance and Success in Law school


What Law Professors and Law Students are Saying . . .

With infectious enthusiasm, warmth, and great clarity, Scott communicates a series of perspectives, skills, and techniques—many of which are quite original—that students can use to bring mindful awareness into their professional and personal lives . . . . These should help them deal with the inevitable stresses and strains of life in the legal profession—as law students, lawyers, judges, mediators, and arbitrators.”

-- Professor Leonard L. Riskin

    UF Levin College of Law

In the classroom, Scott personifies mindfulness. He is fully present and truly listens. An entertaining and enlightening teacher, Scott uses unexpected twists and turns to break through our mental conditioning. He literally creates new neural pathways in his audience. The whole process is powerful and exciting. A single session left my students clamoring for more.”

-- Professor William Blatt

     UM School of Law

"Advice given on first year law school exams usually is:’Don't freak out.’  Mindfulness and the Jurisight exercises teaches the 'how' in how not to freak out.”

-- Giselle Mammama
     Former Law Student

Scott’s original methods of waking us up to the present moment are easy to understand and a delight to experience. The simplicity and power of his techniques make them all the more appealing to busy lawyers.”

-- Melvin Rubin, Adjunct     
     Professor, UM School of Law


The University of Miami School of Law

Contemplative Practices Program

The University of Miami School of Law offers its students a robust contemplative practices offering, placing it on the cutting-edge of this important innovation in legal education.

First year students are offered the opportunity to participate in the eight-week class, “Jurisight for 1L Students,” an introduction to mindfulness and the insights and exercises that lead to a more productive and meaningful school experience.

The Jurisight for 3L Students offers graduating law students a 6 week program designed to tech them mindfulness insights and exercises to further equip them for the challenges of graduation, bar exam preparation, and employment.  The six-week program is broken down into four 90 minute sessions where students are exposed to the core Jurisight program followed by a two week immersion into the contemplative exercises they were exposed to during the four weeks.

A mid-term three-hour workshop is offered to 2L and LLM students giving them an overview and/or refresher of mindfulness practices and tools to incorporate them into their daily life and studies.

In addition, all students are able to attend a selection of seminars, lectures, workshops, and presentations offered throughout the year.  You can learn more about these by clicking on one of the above links to the left or by clicking here to read the 8-Page Color Brochure describing the collection of offerings.

The contemplative practices program is conducted by Scott Rogers, M.S, J.D., director of the Institute for Mindfulness Studies and developer of Jurisight. You can learn more about Scott by clicking here.

The University of Miami School of Law enjoys a faculty that has much to offer in the way of contemplative practices.  A sampling includes the course on Emotional Intelligence offered by Professor William Blatt, the Therapeutic Jurisprudence program founded and led by Professor Bruce Winik, and the significant number of Wellness Initiatives spearheaded by Dean of Students, Janet Stearns

In the Fall 2010 term, Jan Jacobotitz and Scott Rogers will be teaching again a course on Mindfulness and Professional Responsibility.