* Introduction of Mindfulness to Law Students
Mindfulness, Stress Reduction, and Finding Order in the Cortex

Mindfulness, Balance & The Law Student’s Brain

Jurisight for Law Students

The “Worrier to Warrior” Series
* Embracing Uncertainty with Courage
* Finding Balance In Challenging Times

From “Wanting to Wisdom” Series
* Moving from Impulse to Insight
* Finding Balance In Challenging Times
* Moving Mountains with the Breath

The "Moving Mountains with the Breath" Series
* The Power of Mindfulness Practice
* Mindfulness and Mediation
* Mindfulness and Decision Making

“Ask not what your brain can do for you . . .
Ask what you can do for your brain.”

includes five session ranging from 75 minutes to two-hours on the role of exercise, sleep, meditation, music and aroma, and food on the health and development of the brain.

These seminars include:

Exercise Smart (Exercise)
Knowing When To Rest Your Case (Sleep and Napping)
The Art of Mindfulness Meditation
Feed Your Brain (Food and Music)

The Institute for Mindfulness Studies (IMS) offers a variety of programs for law schools, law faculty, and students, including:

Presentations, Workshops, & Seminars
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On-Site and Remote Consultation with Law School Administrators
Establishing a Mindful Law School

Law Student Group Development and Support
Student Sitting Groups

Personalized Trainings for Law School Educators
Integrating of Mindfulness into the Law School

Contemplative Practices Curriculum Development and Training Program

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