A Law School Dean on Mindfulness and the Law

In her recent article in the San Francisco Daily Journal, Golden Gate University Law School Dean, Rachel Van Cleave, wrote on the future of the legal profession, concluding with these words on the role of mindfulness.

'Finally, and perhaps most importantly, we all need to find a way to quiet the noise around us in order for us to cultivate a less anxious and reactive posture. Responding to "the crisis" with a reflective, purposeful and mindful approach can help us internalize and live up to the aspirations of our profession. Over the last 10-15 years, more lawyers, judges, legal educators and law students have incorporated mindfulness practices into their lives and careers. A number of law schools offer courses on "mindfulness for lawyers." Reflection and mindfulness helps law students and lawyers of all sectors become better listeners, better problem solvers, better counselors at law, and better colleagues. A focus on conscious lawyering has great potential for helping lawyers develop attributes that are essential to happiness and satisfaction: empathy, resilience and wisdom. I believe that such an approach can allow law students and lawyers to respond with flexibility and calm in rapidly changing times."

Golden Gate is fortunate to have Judi Cohen, as a members of its faculty. Judi is founder of Warrior One and has been sharing mindfulness with law students, attorneys,and judges for many years.

You can read Dean Van Cleve's article by clicking here.